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Whited00r ermöglicht nun iOS 5 features fürs iPhone 3G / 2G und iPod touch 1G / 2G

Whited00r ist eine gejailbreakte Custom Firmware, die es ermöglicht, einige neue Features die im iOS 5 enthalten sind, auf ältere Geräte zu portieren. Unterstützt werden das iPhone 2G & iPhone 3G sowie den iPod touch 1G & iPod touch 2G.

Die Firmware könnt ihr direkt auf der offiziellen Seite herunterladen. Die Installationsanleitung findet ihr ebenfalls dort. Alles natürlich auf eigenes Risiko.

Im Changelog findet ihr die portierten Features:

– Cydia 1.1.3 Preinstalled (last stable release)
– YouTube certificates needed for hacktivated device
– PNGs optimization for native apps and global GUI
– Improved Brightness menu
– New Touch Menu for user with problems to touch screen
– Reset menu modded: reset a jailbroken device causes problems
– Custom whited00r Copyright page
– iOS5 animated Bootlogo ready for LogoMii (not installed by default)
– iOS5 shadows included in default wallpapers (good looking without slow down the device)
– Wallpaper on HomeScreen (thanks to Darlo770)
– iOS4 wallpapers set by default (ready at the first boot)
– iOS5.1 wallpapers included (ported from iPad firmware)
– Fake wallpaper preview menu (thanks to iHalo)
– Real multitasking: backgrounded apps keep in running state
– Keep home button pressed to background
– Old Backgrounder version without Activator dependance (faster and iOS3 stable)
– Phone and Mail app really could be kept closed if not used (no autolaunch in background)
– iPodControls on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
– Rotation Lock button on Multitasking dock (thanks to Darlo770)
– Respring easter egg in Multitasking dock (swipe dock to extreme left)
– Respring toggle in Settings-General menu
– System sounds sounds from iOS5
– All ringtones from iPhone4
– TipToes and Calypso SMS sound from iOS4
– Character Count for Message app
– Custom carriers bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
– Carrier Bundles from iOS5
– CommCenter patched to run Unsigned carrier bundles (thanks to stbox for collaboration)
– CommCenter patched on iPhone 2G to enable MMS and Tethering
– Custom tethering APN thanks to the possibility to use unsigned carrier bundles
– GUI modded as much as possible to suite iOS4/iOS5 one without slow down the device
– PNG in other.artwork modded (thanks to iHalo)
– App glossy mask from iOS4 (thanks to iHalo)
– iCould copy to save your App and Games saves on Dropbox and sync with other device
– iCloud menu is Settings to provide quick usage instructions
– Share on Twitter in Safari bookmarks
– Reader (as iOS5 one) in Safari bookmarks
– Find on Page in Safari Bookmarks
– Safari Bookmarks to launch Official Apple AppStore
– Many Bookmarklets in Safari Bookmarks
– Alphanumeric Passcode Installer in Safari Bookmarks (Tools folder)
– Shake to shuffle for iPod disabled by default
– Mobile Terminal preinstalled
– /var/mobile/Configurator custom script to enable/disabled features and speed up the device
– /var/mobile/RemoveLanguages custom script to remove unused languages and get free space
– /var/mobile/RemoveRetina custom script to remove all useless retina images and get free space
– /var/mobile/RestoreInstalld custom script to restore App-In Purchase
– /var/mobile/PatchInstalld custom script to restore AppSync patch (3Store)
– Cycorder application preinstalled (thanks to Saurik) for the best video record quality
– Video Editing for Video moved to Camera Roll
– Reminders app preinstalled (thanks to Soltmeal)
– Newsstand web oriented app to keep in touch with Whited00r community
– Default icon position on first boot according to iOS5 one
– No unified iPod for iPhone like in iOS5
– Whited00r.deb for automatic script running post installation
– Installd (AppSync) patch to enabled 3Store apps installation (we don’t support piracy)
– 3Store alternative AppStore to find iOS3 compatible apps

iPhone Jailbreak Status

FW 3.1.2
FW 3.1.3
iOS 4.0
iOS 4.0.1
iOS 4.0.2
iOS 4.1
iOS 4.2.1
iOS 4.3.1
iOS 4.3.2
iOS 4.3.3
iOS 4.3.4
iOS 4.3.5
iOS 5.0
iOS 5.0.1
iOS 5.1
iOS 5.1.1
iOS 6
iOS 6.0.1
iOS 6.0.2
iOS 6.1
iOS 6.1.1
iOS 6.1.2
iOS 6.1.3

iPhone Unlock Status